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BitTorrent 7.9.6 build 42179

BitTorrent 7.9.6 build 42179 Free Download

free download

No Worries on File Sharing Over the Internet

BitTorrent is a format used to share out different files through Peer to peer network. Users can share small to large data using the internet. It is the most used formats for file distribution.

BitTorrent is even known to be a place that creates internet traffic, but traffic may vary depending on the location. In November 2004, it has been reported that the generated traffic from BitTorrent alone was thirty five percent.

BitTorrent was easily available to the public, free and easy to download to Windows and Mac. This is one of the reasons why it is a well-liked program by many.

Introduction to the public

In April 2001 the design of BitTorrent was already available and was launched in July 2001 by the genius behind the massive file sharing activity, Bram Cohen. With the positive response from the public, unlike other file sharing programs like Ares, BitTorrent got one hundred fifty million active users in early 2012. Today, BitTorrent is packed with far more better features than what it used to have. Its free features are the playback option while download in progress, fast and secure online remote control and a reliable sharing program. Like any program, BitTorrent is dedicated to provide a more updated version. The first step for update was acquiring its competitor, uTorrent. The combination of the two only made a better P2P experience for past, present and future users.

Being able to gather data either for entertainment or work purposes, it is vital to only have the right program like BitTorrent for distributing or downloading data as this will help users benefit from it. File sharing is becoming more and more in demand, most especially that most of the necessary files are web-based. Quality is now improved and things that may be missing before can now be seen in the current program.

BitTorrent is a safe and fast full-featured format for file distribution.


  • User friendly
  • Available search bar
  • Menu for categories
  • Almost complete features


  • Can take up memory space
  • Can slow down

free download


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    7.9.6 build 42179
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